Education isn't just done traditionally through school with classrooms, chairs and desks. We have the desire to Educate Africa in more ways than one. Our goal is to create sustainability in the lives of Africans in need. We aim to educate through water filter training, interlocking brick systems, Aquaponics, and more. Continue reading to learn more about how you can get involved.



We have been so passionate about starting a school in Uganda, Africa since 2007. We are planning on starting with one room with chairs, desks, books and a teacher. We realize that dreaming for a huge building can take more time and resources when, in reality, we can start small and work our way up. We are so excited about educating the youth when they maybe can't afford the fees that other schools charge. Join the journey today to build the School of Destiny.



The Africans build homes with mud and sticks usually. The interlocking brick system, created by Connect Africa, takes a small amount of cement & mud to create a brick that will never melt in the rain. Houses built with mud alone collapse in every rainstorm. With our interlocking brick system, we are able to teach the Africans how to make interlocking bricks efficiently and effectively. The contraption that is pictured is what is needed to make these bricks. Houses can now be built faster and in better quality as a whole. This is absolutely necessary.



We are partnered with an amazing organization, Connect Africa, that trains the community in sustainable living through water filtration, food growth, brick making, and more. In this particular case of training, Aquaponics can change an entire community due to the easy process of growing vegetables through a water-based garden. This small microcosm creates fresh vegetables and large fish for eating. The fish keep the garden growing in the system and so on. The entire system recycles nutrients 24/7.



Pure water is always a huge necessity in the African villages. Access to water is easy but access to CLEAN water is very hard to find. These easy-to-make water filtration systems are made in about 2 weeks time and last a lifetime. They can purify water in seconds for the user and can not only create jobs by the construction, but also create sustainability in the waterless communities.