Sponsor a Project

At Hartman House, you are able to make a difference in many different ways. We want to make your giving experience custom to your passions and desires. How do YOU want to change the world? We provide many different ways for you to get plugged in so you can make an impact in more ways than one. We cannot help these people without YOU.

If every project looks amazing to you, we get it! Tough decision! So, we have given you the opportunity to make a general donation below. This way, you are still making a difference, even if you can't choose between all of the amazing people to help!

Educate Africa

Education isn't just done traditionally through school with classrooms, chairs and desks. We have the desire to Educate Africa in more ways than one. Our goal is to create sustainability in the lives of Africans in need. We aim to educate through water filter training, interlocking brick systems, Aquaponics, and more. More information →

Feed the Hungry

We love helping those in need in our very backyard. There are homeless individuals all over the San Fernando Valley. Doing work overseas is one of our most favorite things, but we will never overlook our own neighbors. We help feed approximately 360+ homeless people every week. Help us raise $3500 to feed 1400 this month! More information →

Helping Children in Need

Located in Texarkana, Arkansas, Watersprings Ranch provides Christian based, long-term residential group homes for children in need who have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Unique in our approach, we accept children from birth through 12 years old and provide care until the age of 18. Each of our homes functions as a family unit, ensuring children are provided with the best chance to succeed and live a full life. More information →

Pageant 360

Pageant 360 is an inner beauty pageant created by Carly Hartman to empower young women to be world changers. Created in 2014, Pageant 360 has already gone global in a matter of 3 short years. As of 2017, there have been 4 annual California pageants and 1 Uganda, Africa pageant. This program is all about training girls to be confident in who they were created to be. See below how you can support this cause today. More information →